Day #5 With No Sweets...

Just a quick post to update on how my "sweet strike" is going. I know I haven't said anything but I thought I would give it at least five days before posting anything. Today is the fifth day of going without anything sweet and it's been great! Not half as hard as I thought it would be. I have added a drink to my one-a-day so now I am having 2 diet sodas a day-I just can't win with being completely healthy here. I'm hoping to stop that very soon though! My first big test was last night as we had one of the 10 wedding showers and we do cater with Costco cake with the strawberry filling and white icing. I did keep looking over there at the table with 40 pieces just laying there begging me to come and pick one up and drop it in my mouth but I RESISTED! I had lots of people saying to go get my piece and even my friend held the empty plate with all the excess icing under my nose and I had to sadly tell everyone I was on a sugar strike for a month. Everyone knows how much I love that stuff.

This coming weekend we will have a wedding (away) on Saturday, a shower on Sunday and every Sunday for the rest of this month including 2 graduation receptions. May I remind you that Costco cake is served at EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE EVENTS coming up -except for the wedding this weekend and I'm afraid since it's wedding cake.... it's going to be even better!

So I'll be posting later beginning my week of posting things you may or may not know about us, me or our families. I thought all last week about what I will post each day and I think I can have some fun with this!

Now off to the good stuff!



Jeremy and Heidi said...

Dove is my favorite too...only I like the caramel filled ones the BEST! :)

T said...

I am not going to tell you that they have Dove on clearance at Target. I am going to be a good sister in law and keep that info to myself...hahahahaha Keep up the good work, I will eat all the sweets and get fat for you.