It's That Special Day!

Happy Mother's Day to both of our moms! We love and miss you both. Thank you for being the best two moms in the world and for sacrificing so that we can have so much. We appreciate you both and wish we could be there on your special day. So since we can't be there, we thought we would post a picture for you.

Here we are saying Happy Mother's Day!!

We celebrated Mother's Day at Five Guys for you both...

In case you just happen to for some reason notice my 5 inch and still growing roots in this picture, 19 days and counting and they will be fixed!!!! HALLELUJAH!!

My bro and cousin joined us. Brice is in town visiting... he's enjoying some Five Guys too

I asked Larry if Mother's Day was for those who aren't quite ready to be mothers yet but will be one day... he said no-I tried!