It'll Never Happen to Me!

First, I'm sorry this is a day late and I'll make up for the day I missed! Wednesdays are crazy for me!

I mentioned in the past that I was previously engaged before I met Larry. Here's the story.

I met Bob (that's not his name but today, he's Bob) the end of my freshman year. He was studying to be a youth pastor or something ministry (my details are a little foggy on all of this! I have chosen to erase all memories as much as possible!) We began dating that summer and dated for 2 years then got engaged the summer before our senior year. One day we were in the commons (one of the buildings at school) talking on the phone to my mom and she told me about my best friend from growing up and that her engagement was broken. I felt horrible for her and so sad but thought, "It'll never happen to me!" LITTLE DID I KNOW!

So we began all the planning, went and interviewed and accepted a job at a church in Georgia where he would be a youth pastor and I would just work at a bank or something (it's getting foggy here). So we had our whole life planned out! About one week after we graduated from school, things blew up. Bob had a hard time "letting go" of his parents and I could tell this was going to be difficult for him to "leave and cleave" when the time came. So one evening, we got on the phone after he had talked to his parents and we both decided that it wasn't the Lord's will for us to get married. I know, it stunk-DOING IT OVER THE PHONE! So the cancellations began! By the way, this happened 2 months before our wedding date. I did have all the girl's dresses, my dress, plane tickets, wedding invitations on order, hotel reservations, etc. that's the part that stunk because we lost a lot of money there. Did I give the ring back? Yes I did although I did have a hard time sending it back because I could have sold it and paid my parents back a SMALL portion of what they had already lost! I'm not sure though it would have brought in a lot of money if you know what I mean :) but I'm sure he did the best he could...

I do have to say, it was a hard time in my life that the Lord brought me closer to his side and tought me so many new things. I wouldn't have traded that trial for anything. I have since been able to help others who have gone through the same thing.

Five months later I met the man I was going to marry FOR REAL! I ran, he chased me! No I wasn't the "rebound" girl, I told him I didn't want to date anyone, I just wanted to hang out with friends and have fun but he caught me! It was incredible how the Lord brought someone to me so quickly but I knew he was definitely the one.

So to this day, I have never spoken to Bob again. I did send he and his parents an email before Larry and I got married asking them to forgive me for how it all ended-I felt like it ended bitterly but that's all forgiven now and I'm happily married to a man that is so good to me and I wouldn't trade him for the world. God knew I needed an older guy. Brian oooops! I mean Bob :) was a year younger than me. Larry is 7 years older than me and I love it! I got me a REAL MAN OUT OF THE DEAL!

Tomorrow's post title: "I Married Into..."


Jeremy and Heidi said...

"Bob" was actually my very first chapel buddy down at school. I always wondered what happened with you guys because really the only way I know who you are is cuz I knew him. I'm so happy for both of you that you were able to find God's will for your lives (he's married now too) and that you didn't make a mistake. I have often wondered though, why God does allow us to get so close to some people for no reason...I guess you're right that it's to help other people through tough times and to be an encouragement to them. So glad you're so happy with your Man! I know the feeling!! haha! :)

T said...

I am so happy you kicked Bob to the curb if not I would not have you for a GREAT SIL. As for Larry being great well....okay....hahahaha

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. I know I married into a crazy family:)