And This Is Loretta...

This is one of my really good friends from church, Loretta. I have mentioned her several times in previous posts and tonight at one of our many wedding showers between me explaining to someone why I wasn't stuffing my face with cake, we finally got a picture together! We always have a blast when we're together and there's never a dull moment and I'm SO proud to call her my friend! So now when I speak of her, you know who she is!

Well, Monday we have the day off. We had bought paint to finish up our guest bedroom but we have packing to do since the days leading up to leaving will be CRAZY! My job is a bit hard to prepare for being gone a week. But I have the best filler-in working for me while I'm gone! I have two Sundays worth of bulletins to print and the rest of the stuff to get together before leaving! So, to say all that, I'm not sure how much painting we'll get done but we'll at least start it!