Just a Little Experimenting...

Today I have found myself experimenting with several different things. Every morning Larry likes to eat chocolate chip muffins. I use to buy them at Costco, then I decided to just make them myself to see if it saved money. Well, Costco's mini muffins are way better than mine let's just say. This morning I needed to make more and I had ran out of chocolate chip muffins so I thought I would make cinnamon muffins. I just took my chocolate chip recipe and changed it into cinnamon-honestly I have no idea how much cinnamon I put in them-let's just say I PUT A LOT of cinnamon and sugar! You can never have too much, right? But how would I know, I can't test them... okay maybe I took a little piece off of the top of one and tested it... they were decent from what I could tell. Poor Larry, he's stuck eating my cooking and I don't even know what it tastes like! As you can see, I added a little "muffin" to the cinnamon and sugar! LOL! It all falls off anyway!

And here's my third canvas. This one I still have a little more work to do on it. It's a little hard to read the "M" which is for Micayla so I'm going to probably outline it in brown but I haven't decided yet. Micayla's room in Africa is pink and brown so I tried to stick with those two colors. It didn't work out as I had planned but I worked around my mess-ups! I wish I could erase mistakes and start over but it just doesn't work that way!

This is Micayla (Pastor's granddaughter) this picture was posted several weeks ago in a previous post.

And this stinker escaped this morning! I let her out the front door and just stuck my head out to let here do a little "business" and she ran off after some bird. She thinks she's fast enough to catch one but to this day, she hasn't outsmarted one. But I was still in my PJs and Larry was in bed so I ran upstairs, grabbed my jacket and ran out the front door, no Sedona anywhere. So I ran upstairs and got Larry, told him I couldn't find her. We go back out and she's right out front sniffing around. What a goose! Oooops, sorry Larry!

Okay so Larry has started a list of things we need to get done today... I'm afraid to look at it!


Jessica said...

hey friend... I am in desperate need... i need to know how you do those canvas things... :) THANKS!

The Wagner Family said...

You artwork is so great! Maybe we can work on a couple for the girls' room when you get here!! Can't wait to see y'all!