There's Only ONE Chocolate Chip Cookie...

I have tested many chocolate chip cookies throughout my 26 years of life and I have come to the conclusion, there is only one REAL chocolate chip cookie out there, and the recipe is a mystery!

Every Christmas and end of school year the Pittmans have the church and school staff over to their house and we have a "feast." This feast (no understatement) includes about 10 different desserts-no exaggerating- steaks, shrimp, baked potatoes, cheese & crackers and dip, fruit and about 15 other things to go along with it. Last night they had us all over and I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera. But luckily I found a few pictures from our one at Christmas from 2007.

The one of two things that I always look forward to eating is her white chocolate chip and regular chocolate chip cookies. Her recipe has never gotten out of the bag that I know of but I just had to show you this picture of one that we brought home for Larry to snack on later.

Folks, this isn't you're ordinary chocolate chip cookie. The chocolate chips are twice the size of the regular ones and if I could I would let you try one but that's impossible, so I'll enjoy one for you in about 2 weeks! I can't really put into words how they tastes, they're just out of this world... and I mean that with every drop of drool I have coming down as I look a this picture.