So I'm trying to get everything in order for me to leave me desk for a week and my house. Is anyone out there like me where you just hate leaving your house a mess before you go on a trip because the last thing you want to do when you come home is clean a DIRTY HOUSE? I did get it cleaned last week but you know how it is, when you're constantly running in and out of the house and you have a very hairy dog that sheds like none other-it's hard to keep it clean. I know, all of ya'll out there with kids are saying "honey, you ain't seen nothing yet" and I believe it with all of my heart but still... it's hard.

So we picked up the tux and dry cleaning and that's set. Sedona does get to go with us, she always tries to make the Florida trip if she can fit it in her schedule. Thanksgiving she wanted to go to the other g-parents since we were with the other set, she didn't want to leave them all a lone.

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Sedona is a angel when it comes to 13 hour trips. We throw her bed in the back-WITH OUR WHOLE BACK SEAT COVERED LIKE A CHAMP WITH 3 LAYERS SO MY SEAT DOESN'T GET MESSED UP! I am picky about that-and you're saying again, "wait until you have kids." There will be set rules on that one too but we'll cross that one when it comes.


There will possibly be a new addition to our family in the next few weeks or months, and no it's not a baby in my belly... sorry!