Should I Post This??

Yesterday was teacher appreciation day and Larry got so much good stuff! Well, one parent gave me this big "goodie bag" (and I'm not a teacher) with flowers, cookies, gold fish, a flowery sucker, gum and chocolate. I started digging through that thing like someone was going to take it away from me! Larry got chocolate, tons of gift cards, more chocolate and more gift cards! We were so thankful for everything he got... especially since this will be the last year since he won't be teaching in the school anymore! I'm a bit embarrassed due to the fact that we have whole pile of gift cards from Christmas time we have yet to use! The parents also brought tons of stuff for lunch and I ate myself to death I felt like.

So I pulled the container of cookies out from my bag and started eating them yesterday afternoon.... kept eating them... and couldn't really stop! But I didn't finish the container, there's still some left. Last night I got home and I was so tired of gorging myself from all of this yummy food, I literally woke up sick to my stomach from all the junk. I have been thinking of doing this for a while now and decided that this was the perfect opportunity. I wasn't even sure if I should post this but I thought it would be best for some accountability besides my husband and everyone else around here who knows I LOVE SWEETS. I feel like I am not doing myself right in how much junk I eat and if you don't believe me, read some previous posts. I should really be a diabetic from all the sugar I consume each day.

I'm going to go one month without eating anything sweet BESIDES (and this was when Larry laughed at me) 2 pieces of Dove chocolate in the morning with my DDP. Larry says I can't do it, so I'm going to try and prove him wrong. That was enough right there to get me motivated. So you shouldn't read of any posts about me eating sugar for the next month. I will tell people "no thanks" when people wave it in front of my face no matter how good it smells or how yummy it looks. The hard part is this month includes my vacation. I did think about that and I will be sacrificing Blue Bell ice cream that whole week but let me guarantee you I will have a trunk full of it on the way home from FL to celebrate! I'm hoping this will kill my undying love for sugar or at least help me not to crave it all the time. We were in the vitamin shop the other day getting stuff for Larry and I asked the lady if they had anything that killed a sweet tooth and I was so serious... unfortunately, the answer was self control! BLAH!


Amber Medlin said...

This is soooo funny! I was going to try and cut my coffee out every morning because of the amount of cream I put in it...yeah right! That lasted 2 days and I caved. You can do it...but you don't need to. You look great ;)

Sara said...

Good luck on the sweet thing. I wish I could have self control! I'll do good by not buying it at the store and then my husband will ask me where all the goodies in the end I buy it for him but I end up eating it!

The Wagner Family said...

Good for you. I'm so proud of you. If you feel like caving, call me! You can do it!! Just be sure to have plenty of other healthy snacks around when you feel like munching.