Some for the Grandparents...

This is Sedona's way of body slamming her-with her paw

Or with her head!

Raising Sierra is like none other... she's harder than baby in a different way, believe me, it's true and I'm not even a mother and been there done that yet. The difference is, babies can wear diaper, puppies you have to take out about 20 times a day and wait and wait and wait...But I know the puppy stage will pass.

From the time we get home to the time we go to bed, our eyes are on Sierra. She picks up and eats everything in site including plastic, she bites on electric chords, she bites on Sedona's little side lip over hangy thingies, she tries to eat Sedona's way-too-big-for- her-mouth food, she goes under the bed decides to relieve herself, she HATES her leash and flops around like a fish on a hook-literally! She is always on the go 24/7. We are working with her on these things and hopefully they will stop sooner than later!

My husband is known as the "dog whisperer" and I'm not kidding. He is really good at training dogs. He has trained other's around here and he does great at it... I don't know how! He just sticks with i and doesn't give in.

But.... she's getting better everyday and that makes it worth it!

It's really good training for me when we have kids... they will learn to listen and obey if you don't give up on them!