Big Mess...

Have you ever felt like everything around you is a big mess? Yea I feel that way right now! This weekend we moved some of my old bedroom furniture to a friend's house for them to use (which was kind of nice with it freeing up space). I am wanting to get a white desk with shelves so I can permanently have my computer and all my painting goodies set up in one spot. First, our plan is to finish painting the room.

We were able to work on my "new" kitchen table and chairs and hopefully we'll finish it up tonight and I'll have pictures of it to post tomorrow!

Question: How do you get oil-based black paint out of your hair???!!!

And finally, my office. Yeah well, where do I begin?? I'm finally getting to move back in tomorrow which I am more than ready to do. They finally finished the granite today and it looks great. But the walls aren't done so I'll post pictures of it when it's all done.

Can you tell Larry works on computers from time to time? There's my new computer(s) you see on the right-no sorry mine isn't the Mac on the left. Larry has a Mac laptop at the house and I have never been crazy about it-I'M A PC! What are you?
Well, I know it's been a few days since I posted... I'm back now. Our weekend ended up being CRAZY!


Wendy said...

Glad you got back in your office!! :-) Can't wait to see pics!

Larry's office looks like Tim's. Seeing as Microsoft pays our food bill, I guess we are PC people. Although, I think we would still be PC people if they didn't, since that's what we know. (But Mac has better commercials.)

Sara said...

I'm a PC too! Every one loves MAC and I know they're supposedly so much better and never get viruses but I can never figure it out! Maybe they should have a college course on MAC computers instead of PC. at least that's what my computer class used.