Let Me Tell You a Little Secret...

So I must admit, when I first found out that a girl, Mary Lindsey that I knew from high school was having triplets, I thought that was the sweetest, most neatest things ever! I mean twins are cool, but TRIPLETS!! How exciting. I won't tell her whole story, you can go to her blog at www.blantonbaby.blogspot.com, it's the sweetest story about her infertility! After two years of trying, they had a baby girl, then were EXTREMELY surprised several months later about having triplet boys. Yesterday she delivered three healthy baby boys that were all 5lbs and over. But after I saw that she was having triplets, I thought to myself "oh it would be so neat to have triplets!"

Mary Lindsey

So I secretly started seriously praying for TRIPLETS only when we wanted to start having kids, not anytime soon. Yes, I really did pray for triplets! I'm not sure how long I prayed. So then I begin to slowly but surely realize how much work one baby is. I saw people around here with their kids, I saw my SIL's with their kids and so on. Then I think the Lord just changed my heart after a while and took that desire away from me. He really took it away from me when we got Sierra and that's no joke!

So I would like for you to tell me what your ideal number of kids is. This is all just for fun, I have no plans in the NEAR future. I like hearing everyone's different opinions! I have always wanted more than two because growing up it was just my brother and I. So my magic number is probably 3! I would be okay if we "accidentally" ended up with four. Now, unlike most of you, I haven't had kids yet so I may change my mind after the first one!

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T said...

You so crack me up, praying for triplets. SIL Jenny prayed for twins before they had Abram and she said she is so thankful God just gave her one because he is a handful:) I think I would lose my mind with more than one at a time. Your friend is amazing I have been reading her blog. Did you see the video with her belly. Holy smokes..now that is amazing what God can do. Tammy
Oh my ideal # is 4...hahaha. Maybe because thats what I have:)

Wendy said...

Triplets???? My only comment would be "bless your heart"!! As we've discussed, my number is 2! :-)

Sara said...

I'm like you, I knew that I definitely wanted more than 2 b/c me and my bro never liked playing with each other growing up. Now that I have 2 boys I know that I want at least 1 more so I can have a girl, but I've always wanted to have 4. We'll see...boys are a handful and if I end up getting 3 of them I might have to reevaluate my decision! :)

The Wagner Family said...

Well you know my story...started out wanting 0, currently have 5 and now will be happy with as many as God will give us (biologically or by adoption).

Psalm 127 Children are a blessing from the Lord.