Hursey's Barbecue! Yummm!

Last week while we were in NC we stopped by Hursey's Barbecue! What's so great about that place? No, it's not JUST that the food is great, my maiden name is Hursey! You guessed it right, my family owns this restaurant! Now, it's counsins, it's no my IMMEDIATE family. It can be a bit confusing but I'll explain. They are in Burlington, NC which is where my mom is from. My dad's counsin owns this place and my dad's counsin introduced my parents to each other. I'm sitting there trying to explain this to Larry-he had the confused look! My dad's family lives in Durham, which is where I grew up but this part of the family lives in Burlington! Neato huh??!! I hadn't been there since I was in highschool-and how I know that is one of my counsins that works in the restaurant said "yeah you cheered at Friendship, right?" He remembers me coming in with my cheerleading outfit on-oh how embarrassing! It was so good to see them and eat some yummy barbecue. So! If you're ever driving through Burlington, NC, you'll see a billboard with the Hursey's Barbecue pigs on it, stop on in and grab some good barbecue!