Third Time's a Charm!

So the story of the dog continues... and I just laugh while my mom probably isn't laughing as I know she misses little Bella.

On our way back last weekend from Charlottotte, we stopped by my parents house to pick up Bella and bring her back with us. My parents had come and gotten her from Mrs. Pittman the weekend before we left for junior camp. The puppy stage was just a bit too much for my parents being so use to just a cat for 17 years who could take care of herself-it's a BIG difference. Believe me, there were times I didn't know if I could keep going with Sierra but I know my husband's motto is "Wright's never quit" and so I couldn't and I'm SO glad I didn't.

But for my parents who are way past the baby stage, have an empty nest, no grandkids yet (I know, I know, gotta get on that!) and traveling a lot, it was just not them. They loved the dog and honestly, she's such a good one. She's way more calm than ours! So we came back and got her and the Bennett's who kept Sierra for us a couple of times-FELL IN LOVE WITH SIERRA! So they wanted Bella. Bella, who is now Chloe, has had four names: Peanut, Cherith, Bella and Chloe. I think the Bennett's are pretty happy with her and she has found her permanent home!