I Heart Larry!

Today is Larry's 34th birthday! Happy Birthday Larry! I'm usually buying his gifts way in advance, and him buying mine-the day before or the day of! (It's a guy thing-I know so I try not to let that bother me!) But this time, I was the last minute shopper becuase I had NO CLUE what to get him. I kept asking him for ideas, but he wouldn't give me any. Usually I'm creative but I have run out of creativity. Now what I really wanted to get him was a GPS!!! I think we're the only people on this earth that doesn't have one! I'm dying for one because we always use our phones getting places and that's annoying! But, tha'ts not what I got him, he didn't want to waste his birthday gift on that. Besides, he's better at picking that stuff out cuz he wants the most techy one out there and there is no way I could pick that out!

So last night night, we had a girls night out with all the ladies in our church, then I went shopping-got home at 9:45 but I was pretty pleased with the deals I got. Tomorrow I'll show pictures. And oh my, the cake I got...... OH YUM!!!!!!!!!!

So tonight, we're celebrating and going to Texas de Brazil!