Do You Own a Moo-Moo?

I had NEVER in my life heard what a moo-moo was until my freshman year of college. My friend, Salla who I graduated high school with came to Pensacola and we roomed together. We had SO MUCH fun being crazy! Well, one day she pulls out this jumper and calls it a "moo-moo." She said it was the dress she wears when she eats too much the night before! Crazy, you may have heard of it being a housecoat which was how I did but I never had with a dress. It was hideous, but I will admit, I wore her moo-moo a few times our freshman year!
Well, this past weekend was a "gotta pull out the moo-moo for church" type weekend. When we go on vacation, I do enjoy eating just because-who doesn't??!! When I come back home I do better. But since I have not stepped on the elliptical since we were in Florida-that's really bad.
My moo-moo is a black linen jumper I bought 3 years ago to wear for our wedding shower-I thought it was cute! I also have a couple of moo-moo shirts. So that is what I pulled out for church yesterday. Okay really my moo-moo shirts looks like maternity shirts, BUT THEY'RE NOT REALLY!! It just give a little room for the stomach so you don't have to hold it in all morning while at church sitting on the front row!!! Then you gotta be careful that people don't think you're pregnant! It's tough pigging out on vacations!!
So am I the only one that does this? Please tell me there are a bunch of you out there tha own a moo-moo or something along those lines!