And the Answer Is...

99 CENTS!!!!!!!!!!

What a deal huh? (Okay so I did have to pay $3-$4 for shipping though)

It's from Banana Republic. I did have to guess with the size, it's a little too long but I'll get it fixed. With my wedged shoes it helped a little bit.

I figured, I can't find the smaller sizes anywhere, why not do Ebay. I've done it lots of times before but not with clothes. You can't make one for that cheap and I'm not a sewer (although I wish I was like my mom) I'm a shopper!

Jenny had asked where I got these shoes. I got them out of the little girls department at Kohls. I love them. I have a pair similar but these aren't quite as dressy so they go better with denim. The only thing I hate about little girls shoes is they don't have half sizes. The 5 was way too big but the 4 my toes were almost pushing the end. So I settled for the 4. Hey sometimes you have to sacrifice a little! LOL!

Alright, guess what comes on tonight? The new season of NCIS! Set your DVRs people! Or, you can just pop some kettle corn, sit back, grab a DDP, kick your feet up and watch it while it's on! That's what we're planning on doing!

I would have to say that Tony is probably the funniest character out there. He thinks he's all that and that's what cracks me up.... he is so hilarious! And we almost named Sierra after Ziva. I'm curious to watch the new NCIS Los Angeles they have coming on afterwards... we'll see!


ashycox said... favorite show ever! The NCIS LA was ok...and Tony is THE man!