Cheap Lunch...

We have a Taco Bell right around the corner from us and Larry LOVES that place. I'm not as crazy about it as he is but we recently found a new and cheap thing to get thanks to Kenneth. The Grilled Chicken Burrito. It's only 89 cents and it's so good! It comes with rice, chicken, cheese and this avacado suace which is really what makes it. That sauce has such a good taste to it. But we'll run home at lunch, let the dogs out and run over to Taco Bell and grab us 3-89 cent chicken burritos and come out for only $2.80! Can't beat that for lunch. Now, how healthy is it? Ummmm, it's got chicken (which is grilled) and you get dairy from the cheese! That's good enough for me!
YET! Chick-fil-a is still my #1