I Love Reuniting...

This picture is a bit blurry but this was from 2001 at college.

Remember me talking about learning of a moo moo? Here's who introduced me to one!!!!!

This is Salla (the one on your right), me, and our suitemate Beth. I met Salla my senior year of highschool (it was my first year at NRCA) and we were JUST LIKE EACH OTHER... it wasn't even funny. She lived right down the road from me. I even started working with her at a bagel store and boy was that good times! That's actually where she met her husband, Jesse (right Salla?) He's a Marine!!! Well, to make the long story short, we went to PCC one year together then she went and got married! I wasn't able to contact her until about 2 1/2 years ago, then we just got back in touch with each other recently. We would always dye our hair together-all the time and who knew what color it turn out like, go shopping together and spend the night at each other's house.

She now has a little girl, Summer who is 5 and she looks JUST LIKE HER!!!!

They currently live in Hawaii!

Salla on the right-so beautiful!


Anonymous said...

i love reuniting too- with the "Wright" people! thanks Kara! I look forward to our friendship blooming again! HUGS