Birthday Fun!

So I showed you all of the bags that Larry used for my gifts yesterday and one of the things I got was this curling rod. A friend of mine here has one and her hair always looks so good! It just gives her that cute curl that's not so tight-spiraly looking but a loose spiral. Well Larry got me one of those and I haven't used it yet but I'll take a picture when my hair is done. Curlers don't work for me real well since I have to straighten my hair first to get the frizz out and then do curlers later in the day or the next day. The curl just falls right out! So I'm hoping this works! Here it is!

It's by Jose Eber. It looks just like a curling iron but doesn't have part on it that clamps your hair and holds it. That's why it comes with a glove. You take your hair, wrap it around and hold it with your hand and the curl is BEAUTIFUL!

Now, check out this CUPCAKE that a friend of mine brought to me this morning. All I could say was WOW! I wanted to save it for after we got home from church last night but that was so hard to keep it on my desk all day! But I grabbed me a DDP, sat back, kicked my feet up, grabbed a fork and at EVERY SINGLE BITE of it! It came from the bakery at Wegmans. They have such good desserts. That's where I got Larry's birthday cake from this year.

Jenny, I thought your kids would love this picture... Jenny and her 5 kids are into bugs, snakes, and anything moving. We walked in last night and here was this little guy praying!

Perfect Example:


The Wagner Family said...

Can't wait to see the curls! I love your curls period.

Thanks for the bug pic! We captured one of those once and it was not nice.