Can I Just Stop Messing Up?

Did you wonder what ever happened to the canvas for Brice that was won by Wendy? Yeah! I wondered too! When I got the bedding from Wendy to use for matching colors I was so excited about doing this one... it had the CUTEST design and yes, if I was having a boy tomorrow, I would use this design. It's too cute not to use.

This is my biggest canvas yet I have done and to me, the bigger, the better! It may take a little longer but normally not as long as I have taken to do Brice's! Now I do admit, I was working on this one in the midst of planning for Pastor's 20th anniversary thinger-but STILL! So here is the problem I ran into-MIXING COLORS. When you mix a certain color, make E-N-O-U-G-H! Even if you think it's wasteful, make T-O-O MUCH. Who cares, the paint is cheap!

So what I did was not make enough of the same color and when I needed to go back and fix the boo-boos, I couldn't. So I sat on it for days trying to decide what to do and how to fix it. Larry was so encouraging "you'll never make that color again!!" Thanks babe, way to E.C.O.U.R.A.G.E. me. When I made the stripes on it, I used painters tape and sometimes it leaks underneath, so that's what I had to go back and fix-I had to paint over the part that leaked under the tape that didn't make a straight line. But I couldn't since I didn't have that color anymore. So I decided to paint yellow lines-reminding you I couldn't use painters tape or I would end up in the same boat... LEAKAGE. So I had to paint my own "straight" not so straight lines. Everything else on this canvas is very straight except for the yellow lines. I am still finishing it up, but it was picture worthy... I'm still having to go back and keep painting over the yellow lines to make them straighter and darker...

So Wendy, I hope you still like it, I will do it all over again if you would like for me to. I'll have it for you on Wednesday! Hope Brice likes it!!


Wendy said...

That is sooo CUTE!! The truck is exactly like the one in the bedding too!! Sorry it has given you such fits, but it has turned out well.

Anonymous said...

Try using the "Frog" tape you can get at Home Depot or Lowes. It is green in color and is so much better than regular painters tape! Great job, BTW!!