If Only I Could Stay Home EVERY Day...

This weekend was so nice for us... simply because Sierra got to stay out for more than a few hours at a time. I got to see who Sierra really was. I saw her fall asleep, I saw her sit for more than 10 seconds, goodness I even got to hold and cuddle for 20 seconds with her! I have figured it out that yes, she is a high-strung little yorkie but somewhere on the inside, she really is sweet natured.
If only I stayed home everyday with her, she would be such a cuddle bug...
but that's not happening for a while! So in the kennel she went this morning!
Okay!!! Time for alittle advertisement today! Larry had seen somone drinking this "stuff" and he loved it. When he told me how much it was, I about fell over. Let me introduce to you:

This stuff looks like motor oil-no kidding but it is SO GOOD!

Yes, it is out of this world rediculously expensive but it yummo. They have lots of different flavors. I have tried other brands in this stuff and still my favorite is the Odwalla name brand. My favorite flavor, believe it or not is the green stuff. It looks the grossest, but it's the bestest! So even if you only buy it one time, it's worth it.

Some others we have tried:

Mango Tango-very good

Strawberry Bananna - good

Protein Vanilla-gross

Protein Chocolate-okay good

Carrot Juice-nasty (it's straight carrot juice)

Pomegranate Juice-nasty(it's straigh pomegranate juice-leaves a NASTY aftertaste)

All of the berry ones are good!

So if you try one or have had one, let me know which is your favorite or if you even like it!