I Love September!!

I don't know about you but this month kind of starts the ball rolling for all of the holidays coming up. Once September comes, you blink and there is Christmas! I CANNOT BELIEVE it's September already!!! Can you?? The weather here has been so nice and cool! It's been in the 50s in the mornings here. I love this weather!! It makes me want to go out and buy autumn/harvest-y decorations even though I already have some! We were at Wal-Mart the other day and I just stood there and stared at all the orange, green and burgandy! I love it!

Over the weekend Larry went and got some new running shoes since he's getting back into running. The ones from his marathon were a "little" worn! This place we go to will put you on a treadmill and look at how your feet move when you run and that determines what kind of shoe you need. Larry mentioned to the lady that he might do a half marathon-then I started thinking "I can do that!" So I told him I would run one with him. So they stuck me on the treadmill and I got some shoes that feel like I'm walking on clouds. I started running a few days ago and I'm up to doing 3 miles... got a long ways to go!

Only a day late, Happy September! Let the ball start rollin'!


The Wagner Family said...

I love fall too!

I can't believe you can run 3 miles! I would be dead!!