Jon No More Kate + 8....

To me this is so sad that Jon & Kate have just completely destroyed their home. Their kids will live in such an unstable environment from now on going from place to place with the media constantly in their face. I would love to just take one of them and raise him/her and teach them to love Christ with all of their heart.

We watched on TV last night the interview of Jon and "his side of the story." Wow! Lots of issues there. Yikes. I guess that's what happens when you let the world into your home. They asked him if he loved his new girlfriend and he said "Yes, I love her more than Kate. You can't help who you fall in love with." UMMMMMMMMM! Mr. Jon-YES YOU CAN!! Love is a choice, you choose to love your spouse, it doesn't just "happen."

That's why Christ has given us the choice to love Him. He doesn't force us, He didn't make us love Him-He wants us to choose to love Him and through loving Him first, it spreads throughout our home to our spouses and children.

Love is simply a choice that God gave us from the very beginning. Choose to love Him!


Amber Medlin said...

Girl, this whole situation makes me sick. It's soooo sad what has taken place. These poor kids. I hope they don't grow up and end up on some reality TV show because they were so messed up as children. What happen to the Bible verses Kate use to have plastered on the walls and cabinets of their house? I guess they have become too "Hollywood"! SAD!!!!