Oh Good, I'm Not the Only One!

Do you name your cars? Okay, probably those who don't have kids do more than those who have kids since we have absolutely nothing else in the world to do! One of the girls who blogs just bought an Accord and she was wondering what to name it! My friends started this in college (I think!). Angela, who is one of my best friends from college named my blue civic 'Wendall.' So Larry thought that was a guys name when I told him, I thought it was a girl's name. Who knows! I think it can be either or. So when I got the love of my life (okay, not really) I tried to come up with a good one and I mean a GREAT one. So I thought and thought and thought... what could the name be? I mean this is bigger than naming your kid! (okay again, not really) So I wanted a more normal name than 'Wendall' so I came up with Gracie. Let me tell you why-and if you read the post from a year ago I probably mentioned it, not sure so I'll say it agian. Larry is an American-made car fan-I'm SO THE OPPOSITE! Thanks to my dad, we have always owned either a Honda or a Camry (with the exception of one big long car in which I cried when we got-or maybe it was that I cried because we got rid of a Honda). So Larry said after my civic was gone we would get an American made car. Well, blah blah blah, we sold my car, we looked at the Saturn Aura which is in between American/Foreign or something like that. So we drove it, liked it, but the resale value stunk! So my husband surprised me and let me ge the Accord-yes I skipped a few details but it's too long of a story.

So Larry was so "gracious" in letting me get the car of my dreams (yes, it's a family car-not a sports car!) so I named her 'Gracie'.
My license plate is 'N1AKORD'
Larry's on his truck is '1LUVKARA' (I had no clue he was doing that!)
Yes, we're Red (necks) and proud of it!


Tammy said...

Oh that is so sweet I didn't know that Larrys truck tag said that...I also love your post on Jon and Kate. So sad what has happened but you are so right!!!

Tammy said...

Oh and by the way you may be to young for it but Larry says Wendalls a boy because of the song Mr. Wendall...yeah yeah yeah. Have him break it down for you its a classic...hahaha