Where Were You 8 Years Ago Today?

I was sitting in chapel as a "wittle bitty" freshman in college when my chapel buddy came in and said "Hey did you hear about the twin towers being attacked?" What in the world are twin towers I thought to my self-COMPLETELY forgetting that I had just seen them in person on my senior trip a few months back! Remember that Kellan? Wow am I a ding bat! So today is the 8 year anniversary of 9/11! Can you believe it? And I'm sure there are so many families out there still hurting. There wasn't anyone that I knew directly or personally that was affected in any of the attacks and of course, I wasn't here when the plane went down at the Pentagon! Our principal here at our school was actually at the White House when the first plane went into the towers. He said he was walking down the steps and people came running out screaming and yelling! Did you know of anyone that was affected by the attacks?

Today, those families who were affected by 9/11 are lifted up in my prayers!