4 Years Without Super Wal-Mart...

Back home we have a Super Wal-Mart 7 minutes to be exact from our house. I would go just to go. When I moved here, I found out the closet one was at least 45 minutes away! That's CRAZY! What in the world, we live in such a rural area and to have no Super Wal-Mart is NUTS! I found out that for some reason there was some law that they couldn't have a Super Wal-Mart because it would put other businesses out. Why don't they have that rule anywhere else!?

Now I am very happy to announce, our Wal-Mart is almost complete and will be a Super Wal-Mart pretty soon. I asked the manager (no, I don't know the manager personally-some people know managers at every store they go into-not me!) and he said it will hopefully be done this month. We went in there last week and it's looking good! I can now do my grocery shopping there!! Woo-hoo! I'm pretty happy about that! The variety will be nice to have again!
How did I survive this long without it? It was a long hard road, but sometimes you just gotta toughen up and be strong... :)

Hello???! SNOW!!! No way! In PA! What in the world. I have heard that it's going to be a rough winter this year-of course they say that every year but I don't remember it being this cold so early in October in the past. I wonder if it'll snow again when Larry's gone on his trip to Papua New Guinea? OH loved that. I got to stay home for two days!!! It was great. I asked him what if the car breaks down or something happens while he's gone? My brother is going too, I won't have a man to help me. He said "drive the other car!" LOL, very funny Larry! You got me there!!!