Candy Corn...

OH I just love this stuff. It's just pure sugar and that's it! It's the ultimate sweet tooth satisfier! Really, it is! I wasn't crazy about it growing up but I guess since I grew my sweet tooth several years back, that's when it all hit. Where has this stuff been all my life?? I haven't actually bought any this year because, well the bag wouldn't last me a day-SERIOUSLY. So I have to resist the temptation and just not get any. BUT! They keep a jar down in the school office and when I work down there, it's sits right beside me and just waits for me to dig it. My favorite are the pumpkins. You get more in one bite with them.

The dessert I made the other day-the upside-down cinnamon apple coffee cake?! Yeah, that didn't last 24 hours-all GONE-and Larry only had a very small portion of it cuz that's just not his favorite stuff. I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS MINE! I just started with one bite and before long, we were going to the store to get a Redbox, and I came home with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream- and finished all but one bite of it of the cake. I had to throw it away after that to stop from making myself sick (although it wouldn't have helped much!)