Posin' by the Pumpkin...

Call me crazy, I made us pose by the pumpkin today on our way out the door. Larry was laughing because really all you see is the water hose! I didn't get to go with Larry to the pumpkin patch to pick up the kids on Friday but he brought me one back-a 23 pounder! The only thing is the stem didn't really survive the bus ride. It fell over and broke. OH well, it's still a good looking pumpkin.

And yet.... a goon

I'm dying laughing cuz here I am trying to hold this huge pumpkin with this struggling stem... and then he snapped the picture.

Today was a nice cold crisp day. It only gets colder as the week goes on. But I love that I can pull out my sweaters and turtlenecks! We had a fun day off! Now back to work tomorrow. Hope your day off was good!