Getting to Bake...

Today I made a recipe that I had been wanting to try and it turned out yummy! It was SO easy and that's what I like! Although I have found out the hard way that my oven is about 25 degrees off! I've had it for 3 years and finally figured that out last weekend! So here it is! I saw it on 'and baby makes four' blog and I was dying to make it all week!

As you can probably tell, I already dug in! This would be very good with either ice cream or whip cream!!! OH yea!
It reminded me of my mom's monkey bread she makes!

For supper I made this Mexican Chicken dish-I had made this one before and it turned out great. This time I wanted to use a lot more cheese so I did! This recipe was also VERY VERY easy! I found it on Kelly's Korner Recipes.

Last night went ate at Uno's. We hadn't been there in a while and Larry was really wanting their pizza. So I got their pumpkin soup. They served it with craisins which I had never seen before but they were very good in my soup.

So today I found pumpkin bisque at Costco! Which is even better than soup. It's creamier and just has a better taste. Then I grabbed some craisins to put in it and it was yummo delicious! I could eat it every day!!! So here's the bisque, I had bought a pumpkin candle to burn while I was cooking. Oh it smelt gooooood!

Well we are SO WAY looking forward to having Monday off. I can' tell you how nice it will be. We did a little fall clothes shopping today but I didn't have any luck. Maybe we'll go out on Monday for all the Columbus Day deals going on!!

Don't forget tomorrow is the last day to try and win the Starbucks gift card! Keep those comments coming! I love it!