Take It All Back...

OKAAAAAY YA'LL! Tonight when I get home from church I'll be drawing for the Starbucks gift card! You can post your favorite drink until 9 tonight and I'll put your name in the hat! I love the participation I've had for this one! This means more drawings on the future! Woo-hoo!!

This afternoon I decided to go to Target and see if they had any good clothes. Okay let me just say, it's stinkin' hard to find tops for the winter time that I like. Everything I like is short sleeve. I look like a goon wearing short sleeve when it's cold outside! And sweaters, well they just don't fit me right, they just hang there like a big SOCK!

I had been needing a lighter black coat. All the ones I have are heavier for when it's colder. So I found this one on sale for just $27!

I did find a dress-yes it was short sleeve ha ha! But I really liked it. So I didn't get this on sale but it's hard finding dresses that aren't short, so I couldn't pass this one up. It's nice having short legs- well sometimes (cuz see sometimes, that's where all the donuts and ice cream go and I ain't gotta tell you that just isn't good).

The rest of the things I bought I liked but then when I got home, I changed my mind. They're just okay. So-yes I'm going to take it all back. Not the two things above but the rest just didn't hit me like it should so tomorrow, I'll be taking it all back... I know-I have a bad habit of doing this!!!

P.S. Way to win Panthers.... Way to beat those Redskins!!!


Sara said...

That's a very cute dress..I may have to check it out for myself!(hehe) Plus the styles these days are short sleeved sweaters,etc so I know that doesn't help.