It's Knocking at my Door...

Today we reached a new high of 40 kids out of school due to sickness and it's knocking at our door. Yes, the swine flu has hit here just like every other school-honestly, it's just another flu, not too big of a deal. Larry is starting to cough (no I'm not saying he's getting the swine flu)!!!! UGGGGHHHHHH! No way, please don't come to our house and invade our good health. This weekend we are going away to Skyline Drive and bringing the doggers with us.
Okay, so really, I'm surprised the sickness hasn't hit us or really, Larry before now. When I saw the pack of cough drops lying on our bed this morning, I knew. Then we come in to staff devotions and there are tons of cans of lysol, one for each teacher to take back with them and spray down their room with. Does that stuff really work? I heard it didn't...
Saturday it poured rain and they still had the flag football tournament in the rain, I sat in the truck and ebay'd the whole time and stayed dry.
We had a little playdate with Sierra's sister. The Bennett's brought Chloe over and they had a big ole' time playing together. Poor Sedona couldn't figure out where these yorkies kept coming from!
And guess who was so lazy they didn't run their five miles, instead ate the whole house? ME!!!!! Yep, I was bad this weekend, time to jump back on the wagon! Oh boy is this going to be hard.
Ahhhh, I feel better now that I admitted my faults from this weekend... now off to grab a candy bar! Have you ever noticed that Crunch candybars have a weird and I mean WEIRD taste??


The Wagner Family said...

Oh I'll be praying y'all don't get it! As for Lysol, I don't know if it works on germs or not but one day I had a huge bug in our bathroom and no bug spray, so I grabbed the Lysol. It killed it. It's now my bug spray of choice.