A Quick Hello!

Yes, I have skipped a few days in blogging recently... oops! Larry did end up getting a little sick but has kept Advil in him for the past two days and it has helped. You can't keep him home for nothing unless he gets strep throat-that's a whole different issue with him. But I haven't gotten it yet and hopefully I won't!
We are looking forward to our trip this weekend-got my camera all ready!!!! We decided to keep the doggers here and have someone keep them at the house. The most exciting news of the week is that I found a vet that will spay Sierra for half of what our own vet will do (total of $133!) Boy was I excited! We did change our mind about breeding her-which is the reason we got her. I just don't think that I'll want to mess with the whole breeding thing since probably by time she's ready for puppies we'll be having kiddos ourselves!
Okay, well for now, I'm out! I'll try to post more later!