Our Weekend Was Nice..

Yesterday at lunch we flew out of the office, ran home, packed and dropped Sierra off at her doggie spa. Okay, she really didn't go to a spa but the Bennett's have such a really nice house we always tell her she's going to her spa AND SHE LOVES IT! Especially since she gets to play with her sister. They have a ball together, I'm not kidding, they are like little kids!

Then we went on our way to Luray. We stayed in a really cute little Bed and Breakfast there in Luray. Last night we went out to dinner in the little town (and I mean LITTLE). It's so different going somewhere like that when you live where we do. I actually love it. I'm not a big city type of person so if I had to move into a small town, I would not complain at all but I don't think that's Larry's style!

This is the B&B we stayed in. We loved having the hot tub! Our goal one day is to have one (a hot tub) of our own-seriously!

I bought this pumpkin pretzel-I didn't know they had these out there!

This was part of the B&B... Okay, we almost decided to stay in the B&B we stayed at the first night of our honeymoon but we decided to save that for our 5 year anniversary or for right before we have a kid...

This isn't just any normal DDP-this one is bottled by Coke which is way more better than Pepsi and I found it here in VA!!!! We can only find these in NC and more south!!! I was shocked! Maybe they're coming our way!!

Here's Larry eating his Sub sandwich...

Now here starts the pictures from when we went to Luray Caverns...