Just Blah... Be Prepared, it's LONG!

The caverns we went in on Saturday I think gave Larry some allergic snotty nose problem. I'm serious!!! By time we got home that night, he was all stopped up and sneezing and all the good stuff. My only problem was it was a bit damp down in there, I came out and my hair was a little less straight than it was going in.
We got us 4 pieces of fudge. Good size pieces and I ate two of them. I couldn't eat the other two cuz I brought them back to the Bennetts for keeping Sierra. Yes, I ate two big pieces of fudge in one day all by myself-Larry didn't help. I also finished one container of the muffins-ALL BY MYSELF. What's it with the chocolate chip muffins? As I was eating one, I read on the top that each one was 100 calories, and then I stopped eating them. Yesterday morning I woke up and jumped back on the wagon doing the bike, running and eating better and I feel so way much better.
So I REALLY hate that I never mentioned the good deal with Boston Market but hopefully ya'll found out. My mom sent me this coupon then I did spread the news to everyone here at church if that counts. Last week they were giving away a meal for only a buck. Yes, one buck-okay add the five cents tax but still-what a deal! You would get a quarter piece of chicken, mashed potatoes and corn bread-oh how I love their cornbread flooded with honey. Larry always gives me his too so I get TWO out of the deal. But it ended last night. They ran out of chicken, all the Boston Markets around here. Everyone from church went yesterday for lunch and last night for dinner. We went a total of three times. I was a little afraid to try it being that the coupon really didn't work. But Tammy called and told me they did work so off we went. I'm a little chickened out but I don't care... it was cheap and really good. I guess now I have to cook something "chickenless" tonight! That's going to be a little hard.
Okay, well, let's see. Next thing I'm looking forward to is THANKSGIVING!!! Mom PLEASE have the Christmas tree up... on second thought, wait until I get there. I'll help you!!!! If we can keep Sierra out of our hair for just a couple of minutes (yeah right) I think we can have fun doing it. Speaking of Christmas trees, I have come to the decision which I am saddened about-I don't think we're doing one this year or Christmas decorations. Now, let me explain. We'll be in FL this year, we are crazy busy-so much more this year than ever before, and we have treadmills in our living room for training for the half marathon. I really don't want to put lights on the treadmills. While it seems a bit "podunk" to have treadmills in your living room, I just keep dreaming that next year (and this is another reason) we'll be in our very own single-family home. Okay, so I could be overdoing it with the dreaming part but I just really have so many Christmas decorations to put up for such a small townhouse, I think I'll just skip it this year. We might put a little one up or I might just change my mind! Who knows but I have time to think more about it.
Okay, I'm cought up oh wait! Sierra goes in Friday to get "fixed", we pick her up on Saturday (we tried to pay more for them to keep her longer!! LOL) and we are going out with our good friends Matt & Loretta. It's been a while, we have a lot to catch up on. We have a little kid's soccer game to go to Saturday morning and then have another dinner date that night. Wow is our weekend going to be FUN!! Looking forward to it!!!
But now, it's only Monday-so happy Monday and happy November!