Getting All Ready...

Okay, well try number 1,224 on the hair stylist list! I'm trying a place where one of the girls in our Sunday school class gets her hair done and they always match her roots up really well. We actually have the same color hair. This Thursday, I'm going in and getting it done. Hopefully I won't be gold on top!
Sierra is going tomorrow to get her very first puppy cut! I can't wait to see her tomorrow night! We're having a groomer come pick her up and take her away for the day and she'll just come back all fancied up! For some reason, I'm thinking of The Wizard of Oz...LOL

This is a set that I got from the party Friday night! I had to control myself, there was so much neato stuff. While I was gone Larry went and got us a movie. We're normally not into the cartoon ones ( I guess cuz we'll get to watch enough of them later on in life) but he grabbed this one cuz every other one was out! So we started watching it thinking we probably wouldn't really watch it all since it was a cartoon..... let me tell you it WAS SO CUTE! The movie 'Up'. I think it's the cleanest kids movie I have ever seen. It's kind of sad but it ends good. It's so sweet, it just makes you want to lean over to your hubby and give him a big hug.