It's Monday Again...

We went to the Super Wal-Mart this weekend for the first time since it has been finished. Have you ever wanted something all to yourself? Yea, I did when I walked into Wal-Mart. I was selfish-oooooo, that's wrong of me. But I just wanted everybody to leave so that I could go up and down each aisle and look at everything. It was crazy there though, but I didn't expect anything different for a Saturday afternoon!

I wanted to try some new masacara. I had issues with my eyes last week. I have no idea what it was, call me a wimp but they HURT!! It felt like I had styes all over my eyes! Weird. So I tried to change some of my makeup. You know all that ELF makeup I got? I changed all of that cuz I wasn't sure if that's what was causing it or not. I'm serious, I would wake up in the mornings and they would be red, swollen and crusty. It wasn't pink eye I know that. But they're geting better with some eye drops I got. This is the new mascara I got AND I LOVE IT!!

It doesn't clump, and it feels so neat on your eyelashes. It almost feels like plastic covering on your lashes which I like becuase it's not going anywhere or clumping and flaking off!

PS. My eyelashes look JUST this girl's! LOL! Yea right!