One Week from Today!!!!

Does anyone know what one week from today is???????

My absolute favorite day of the entire year!!!!!!! YES BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband got me into this and I've been hooked ever since. I will say that it's probably the one day of the year I purchase a large amount of clothes at one time... and I LOVE IT! I have a few things on my list that I'm wanting and hoping that I will find good deals! I am needing new boots really bad. I almost bought some online the other day and decided just wait in case I find a good deal on them. Mine are cracking and I look a bit homely.


I do have to say, Tammy I'm going to miss not going shopping this year with you but we'll make up the day after Christmas!!! Everytime we're there, we always grab a paper and all sit and make our list for black Friday... fun fun fun stuff!

Oh and by the way..... I had my hair done last night and I ABSOLUTELY love it. I will post pictures later today once I get home but I was very very happy about it!!!! Yay! I finally found someone who knew what they were doing and that work near me!!! Can I just say also that when you have kind of a rotten day, it's nice going and getting your hair done... it was therapy for me! I may have been gone for 3 hours but I was very happy when I got home!
Happy Friday! I'm going on a lunch date with my man today!