I Froze My Gizzard!

Today we ran the "Freeze Your Gizzard" 5k and it killed! But I finished it in 26.30 minutes. We had just planned on the the Turkey Trot in Cary, NC next week but this way we didn't have to run on Thanksgiving and they would let me use my time for this one to qualify for the half marathon! PLUS I DIDN'T HAVE TO RUN 5 MILES, ONLY 3 WOO HOO! I had to get 32 minutes or under to qualify and my personal goal was 29 minutes.

This picture was taken right after the race. The whole time I was running I kept thinking "I'm never going to make it through a half marathon...." but we're just going to have to keep training at it. I will admit IT HURTS TO RUN!!!!


The Wagner Family said...

Congrats for beating your time! You're a better woman than I am!