This Week Came Way Fast!

I have been looking forward to this week for so long, then it got here! I keep thinking in my mind I have a couple days to pack when really, nope all I have is tonight! My house is all clean, the laundry is all done. I just gotta come back to a clean house...
I have a few goals as I head to NC this week:

2. Have our family pics taken
3. Cook something fun with my mom
4. Decorate the house for Christmas with my mom (I haven't been home at the right time to do this in a long time!!!!)
5. Hit the Super Wal-Mart about 7 times
6. GO TO BOJANGLES at least twice if not more!
7. Have Thanksgiving with my family
8. Deep fry a turkey, snickers bars, twinkies, and Oreos-YEP BEST STUFF OUT THERE
I'm ready for this break, I've been waiting for it a LONG TIME!
I'll be home for THANKSGIVING!!