Speaking of Scarfs-this is GOOD deal!

I'm definitely taking advantage of this deal!!!!!!!
You may want to head on over to Old Navy this weekend! They are offering up two great in-store promotions! First, starting today thru November 12th, you can take an additional 50% off all Outerwear and on November 7th, all scarves for the entire family will be just $1 (limit 5 per customer)....AND to sweeten these deals further, head on over to OldNavyWeekly.com! You should be able to score some coupons that will really help lower your out of pocket expense. To get the 15% off your purchase coupon, just click on the arm of the yellow fleece in the bottom middle box. Use the 15% off coupon to get each $1 scarf for just $0.85! Sweeeet! You can check out the full list of coupon locations here.
The deed was done! I did get lost a couple of times and my phone was dying but I found the place and she's as in Tammy's words "becoming an IT"! Ahhhh a little peace tonight with my Sedona!!!


Tammy said...

Wow what a deal for the scarfs!!! I can't believe they are coming back in so BIG!!! I remember when mom used to wear them all the time.

Well enjoy the peace and quiet for the night...its like having one less kid its amazing how much quieter it seems!!!

Michelle ;0) said...

Thanks for the info! Now maybe I don't have to wait 'till Christmas! WHOOHOO!!!

Larry and Kara Wright said...

I know you just can't resist this deal when they're so cheap!!