Full Saturday... And Still Going!

Today I got these two scarfs at Burlington Coat Factory. I thought they were nice and fall-ish. I got the gray one for 5.99 and the orange one for 6.99.

Sticking close to her big buddy...

Next Larry spent the rest of his day working on his truck and just now (7:30 p.m.) came in from working on it. Now we're headed over to some friends' house of ours for ice cream.

I ran to get Sierra and I know she's glad to be back home. It's so funny, last night we kept thinking we heard her at certain times. I think Sedona was glad to have our full attention for the night. Hey, I don't have kids yet so they're basically the fun in our lives!!

Sierra's showing Sedona her boo boo...
This morning started off with a soccer game-this boy Julian and his family goes to our church. His dad is the coach you see in the picture. They won!!

This is Julian...
Look at this kid's hair!! LOL I was cracking up!

I thought this little girl's shoes were ADORABLE! I wanted them in my size!

I ran to the grocery store-actually I ran to Old Navy to get some scarfs-the add that I found didn't say they were the fleece ones so I was a bit disappointed that they weren't the dressy ones but that didn't hold me back from getting any. I got 8 for $7!

I think they're glad to be back together... or at least Sierra is!

After all that... we are still going. Our day has been full but nice. We have half day Monday and we're looking forward to it.

Last night we had a great time with Matt & Loretta. We went to a Japanese steakhouse where they cook the food in front of you and it was so yummy! My stomach was so sore I ate so much...

And by the way, We did our big run yesterday instead of today knowing we would be crazy today. We did 4.25 miles outside-my first time going a long ways outside-did I ever mention I hate running I felt so old when I got up this morning. I hurt from waist below. And to think I have to go so much longer for the half marathon!

Happy Saturday ya'll!!