Friday Catch Up!

1. This afternoon when we get off, I'm begging Larry to decorate the OUTSIDE of our house for Christmas! We'll do a few things inside to I'm sure (maybe)!

2. I have two Christmas trees. Why? Well! My mom gave me her BEAUTIFUL big one a couple of years ago and I got a smaller one at a yard sale. I let my friend barrow the big one and I had the smaller one and TODAY I'm getting it back. It's very tempting to put it up...

3. My Black Friday shopping stunk this year. I didn't find half as many good deals out there as I normally do but Larry looks at it as money saved.... I look at it as clothes lost!!! LOL One thing I was extremely grateful for that we got-a GPS!!!! Yes I have been begging Larry for one and he kept making us wait until Black Friday for a good deal and we got it! All I know is it's a Garmin Nuvi... I think that's right. I don't know that much about the electronic world-I leave that for Larry.

4. I found me some boots! I got a brown and black pair at Rack Room two days before Black Friday, then we were out Black Friday and I found 2 more pair that I liked from Belk's. I love boots. I have boots on right now and could wear them everyday (like you Loretta) cuz they keep me warm and cozy!!

5. There is SNOW in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon/evening!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!

6. I'm starting another canvas this weekend and I'm really really excited about this one!!! More on that later...

While we were home at Thanksgiving, my cousin's little girl was diagnosed with Leukemia. She has a 65% chance of survival-which is still great! Childhood Leukemia has a 95% rate of survival but Lexie was diagnosed with adulthood Leukemia. She is at Duke which is one of the BEST places to be for treatment. She has started chemo and is responding very well to it. Please pray that the next seven months will go fast for them and that her body will be COMPLETELY healed from this disease. She is two years old.

Happy Friday to you!