Lots to Do In So Little Time!

I'm trying not to think about what all I have to do before Christmas break but it's hard to ignore. We have a lot of shopping left to do, I need to clean my house-that's a Saturday thing, I need to pack, I would say that I need to wrap presents but I'm not going to break our tradition of staying up late the night before Christmas and wrapping everything... that's just way fun. All the kids that stay over that night help us with that and I CANNOT WAIT! I'm looking forward to seeing my SILs. It's been way to long since I've seen them and we got some shopping and catching up to do!!

Today I got some new hairspray-what made me get it? Well, last night while watching NCIS I was on the computer and hopped over to the video on Hair Poofing. I am TOTALLY excited about this...

You know how I always pull my hair back? Well, I like some poof to it in the back and I have always tried to tease it but I finally figured out that I just wasn't teasing it ENOUGH! Watch the video, it's 12 minutes but it's DEFINELY worth it if you are the poofing type of girl-most of the southern ones are! So I went and picked up this hairspray-from what she says, this is good stuff. I googled where to buy it and all I kept find was $12 bottles! I don't pay that much for hairspray. If I had short hair, I would but with long hair I don't use it much except for lifting the roots. Well, I founf it at Rite Aid for $4.99 on sale. CVS was out of the "Original" kind so I thought, this stuff MUST be good. Can't wait to try it tomorrow. I did poof my hair and pull it back today, it did much better than the way I do it but I'm thinking it'll do even better when I use this kind of hairspray!

CELL PHONES! Well, our contract is up with our business (which is also for now my personal until I quit work) contract and we're trying to get new ones before this week is up. You know the one I want? It has ABOSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the name, but it's the LG CHOCOLATE TOUCH. A friend of mine here has it and I really like it. Then I'm going to get me a baby pink skin to put over it since I'm always throwing my phone around-that's only if I end up getting this one... we shall see. Do any of ya'll have it??

We watched Night at the Museum 2 the other night and it was so cute! I loved it! Sierra NO LIE watches TV and when the monkeys came on, she loved it! Last time when we watched the first one, Sedona went NUTS over the monkeys! This time she was sleeping through it so she missed it.

Have I ever told you about Clearplay? Ok, if not and I hope I haven't yet, this is what it is. It's a DVD player with a filter. It's great-only we have had two to break on us. I think they need to make their product better but that's besides the point. This allows us to watch certain movies that we never would watch otherwise. You can control what all it cuts out-language, killing, sexual scenes, it even cuts out mushiness! LOL that's funny. NOW WE don't cut out the killing scenes well because they're good! That makes the movie! Otherwise, you might as well watch Barnie! You movie may be only 30 minutes depending what all it cuts out but hey, you'll figure it out!