Stinkin' 12 a.m.!!!!!

A couple of nights ago, the dogs woke us up barking out of nowhere. We just thought they were barking for no reason-they do that from time to time. Then I heard a knock at the door. Okay, has anyone ever woken up in the middle of the night and you're just so out of it you think the strangest things??? Well, yea that was me. So Larry turns the light on and starts to go downstairs... I was SO SCARED! I said "do you have the gun??!!" He said "YEP!" So I grab my cell phone ready to dial 911 if necessary (HA!) holding the dogs back from going downstairs when in reality, I should have let Sedona go down there with him because she WOULD HAVE tore somebody up-no joke. She's got that side that can come out if necessary which is why we got her in the first place! Sierra- well, we DEFINITELY didn't get her for protection since I step on her all the time, we got her for looks I guess! Okay, back to my story. So he goes down, got my phone in my hand (yea, wierdo!) and he sees this car in our neighbor's parking spot. Well, the person I guess had the wrong house and was BANGING on the wrong stinkin' door. Nobody comes to our house that late at night. I barely can stay up past 9:30 now! I mean wouldn't you have thought that they heard the dogs and figured it out that they had the wrong house? Who knows, all I'm saying is if they try that when Larry's gone to Papua New Guinea, they may not walk away unharmed-knowing how I think in the middle of the night!
Speaking of when Larry goes to PNG, I'm really excited-not that he's leaving me but I am excited for the opportunity he has to go there. I have all these plans for when he's gone. I have so much free time so I'm filling it up. I have inlaws coming in and that's going to be so fun!!! I"m really praying for snow then while they're here so they can see it!!! Loretta and I have a sleepover planned with lots of cooking desserts and eating them to do. I am going to start on my new canvas. I'm hoping to get two knocked out! I tried to start one a couple of weeks ago but the hubby said "wait until I'm gone, we are too busy right now." And.... he was right. STINK!
Speaking of praying for snow............this morning we had Christmas music on and the weather man came on and said that there is a big storm somewhere out there and it's headed our way!! Woo-Hoo!!!! Come on snow storm!! The bad thing is, school is already out and there is nothing going on this weekend that we needed to stay home instead. I do need to clean my house so that's nice. We are supposed to be getting a good amount. They won't say yet how much becuse it's too early but I have heard it could be UP TO A FOOT OF SNOW!!!!! How fun is that? Maybe all of Larry's family can come up here and we'll all have Christmas in the snow! Ha, yea my house ain't big enough... we'll come down there!
Now watch us get nothing... I will laugh!