This Weekend Is Over!

Well, I'm back. It seems like I blinked and the weekend was over! We had a great weekend, Sierra had a great weekend-we picked her up yesterday and Sedona got to stay in our room for the first time ever while we were gone. She had started trying to get out of her cage and she tore her face up. So we decided to try and keep her in our room. She only chewed up one box that was in the trashcan. Yea, forgot to put that up on the bed out of her reach!

So I have loaded a lot of pictures and don't have the patience to put them in a certain order, so I will explain under each one for ya!

Saturday night we had our Christmas staff party at the Pittmans. This is my good friend Erica! She teaches Kindergarten and I'm hoping I'll be doing her wedding (she's just dating a great guy in our church) sometime soon!!

The kids were sick so they were staying upstairs in "Nana & Papa's" room watching TV. So Larry and I ran upstairs and took some pics with them.

Erica holding the newest addition to the Pittman family-Malachi Lee Pittman.

Isn't this so SWEET!!!! He was born this past Tuesday and came home Friday.

They wanted to come down to the party so bad but they just watched from upstairs us opening our gifts!

The staff exchanges names and the person who drew my name got the prettiest necklace and it is so me!!! I don't have a pic but maybe soon...

We had our cantata and it went PERFECT! I'll try and add some pics from that too.