Friday Catch Up!

Well, since yesterday I did most of my catching up, which is what our weekend is going to consist of, there's not much but here's what I got:
1. Being healthy can kill you-hubby was cutting open a pair with his little handy dandy knife in his office and it slipped and cut his hand. He wouldn't go and get stiches, instead, he used super glue. Yes, you really can do that because a doctor in our church came and did it for him. Perfect timing with setting stage for the cantata and all-NOT!
2. You can register to win a Touchsmart computer. I registered to win on Tuesday but just haven't had the chance to tell ya'll about it but I think you should go over and check it out. - scroll down and you can register 5 different times-just read about it and maybe you will be the lucky winner!!!
3. While on Thankgiving break, we watched Dr. Oz-love love love watching him. He's great and he knows his stuff. Well he had a lady on there that drank 12 cups of coffee a DAY! Yes! Wow. He was talking about the caffeine and how much we should drink a day. I will admit, I had dropped the ball on my 1 a day. It got hard. So since we came back from Thanksgiving, Larry and I both decided to go back to one a day for a couple of reason: a lot of caffeine causes irratability-YES THAT'S ME and it's just not good for you. The first few days were a killer but it's gotten better-MAYBE BECAUSE I FOUND CAFFEINE FREE DIET DR PEPPER! WOO HOO!!!!!!
4. I got to sleep in this morning, I skipped (not on purpose) exercising. The alarm clock went off twice and I didn't hear it at all. You know why??????? Little Sierra wasn't there wimpering wanting out. AHHHHHHHHH! So nice!
Ok, well let the Christmas craziness begin! We have our Christmas party tonight with some friends...