Guys Shoes VS. Girls Shoes...

This topic in our household is quite touchy let me just say. I love shoes just as much as I love clothes. Why? Well, my cute little Nana got me into shoes!!! I remember looking in her closet when I was a little girl at ALL THE SHOES she had and they were just so stylin'!

Unfortunately, Larry married into my shoe habit. So I do have a lot of shoes, I don't count them although he has before but I'm sure I'm not the only girl that likes shoes! When I find a pair I like, we always go through the same thing Larry:" Kara, you don't need another pair of shoes, you have enough", Kara: "yea but I don't have a pair like these and I really like these and 'NEED' them." and so on..... But sometimes he does say no and I respect that, then I find another way to try and get them whether it's through birthday or something and with that, he doesn't mind since we're not spending our money.

Well, guys shoes are just different. They are more expensive and they all pretty much look the same. AND they don't need as many. They can get by with wearing the same few pair and they don't look at each other like "ewww, didn't you just wear those like last two days ago?"

I just LOVE buying Larry shoes. Let me tell you girls, he's stylin' when it comes to his shoes and I LOVE THAT!!!! Since he has to dress up everyday, he wears the "dressier" shoes. Last year I bought him a pair of Kenneth Cole shoes in black and brown and we have found that they hold up the best and not ot mention, they look the best. They are expensive but his last him a good long time. So really, it equals out, his one pair of shoes equals to about 20 of mine.... okay, maybe it depends on which pair we are talking about.

I just purchased for Christmas his shoes for one of his Christmas gifts and I can't wait to see them on him. They look a lot like his other ones but they will probalby become his work shoes and these his church shoes...