Beginning last night, our week(end) is going to be crazy. Larry and I were talking last night at what all we have going on and came to the conclusion-let's give Sierra away... she can't handle us not being home at all these next few days. NO, not give her away for good, just for the weekend. She's going over to the Bennett's house this afternoon until Monday. Larry is in charge of the drama part of the cantata and I'm in the choir so our weekend is full. Here it goes:
setting up for cantata after work
dropping Sierra off
cantata practice until 9:00 p.m.
work all day (no half day this week due to using it later for Christmas break)
Christmas party at friend's house
Men's Prayer Breakfast
Cantata practice until noonish
Staff Christmas party (remember me posting about this a while back? Yes! Good food!)
Set up for Cantata
Christmas cantata
Choir get together after church
So do you see why I'm giving Sierra away for the weeend? She'll go nuts being in her little cage all that time! Sedona will be fine... it's just Sierra that struggles a bit!
I've kind of chilled on blogging this week just since I have a lot going on but next week will be much better. I will take pics from the events from the next few days...
Tomorrow I will be doing my Friday catch up although I think I just did it!
See you tomorrow!