Being Back Home...Stinks!

I love being with family for Christmas but I HATE HATE HATE saying goodbye. Last night on the way home I just thought about when I was young and when I believed in Santa and just how I would do anything to go back for one day and be a little kid again. Sometimes it just STINKS being grown and gone-don't get me wrong, I love being married but I miss those good ol' days. I even try to bust out the old home videos but Larry never seems to be big on watching me when I was a cheerleader or when I was in the Christmas cantata :)!

Today I stayed home and just rested. I was guessing since we have been on the go for the past two weeks it probably hasn't helped me get better. I'm going on week two with this mess and still running a fever off and on. Yesterday I felt way much better but today I felt like poop again. I hate missing church especially since we haven't been here for two weeks!

So Larry surprised me with the TK snowman! I love it! But when I opened it, his arm was broken off. We can't have a one-armed snowman! So we sent it back and hopefully will get the new one sometime soon!

The boys were helping me open my BIG present!