Just. Could. Not. Resist.

This is not an "announcement"... I saw these in Cracker Barrel today and I couldn't resist-especially since they were half off price. Are they not adorable? One day when we have a little one, we will bring him/her home in these little booties-now we just gotta find the outfit to match!

Today we did our Christmas with my grandparents (my mom's parents). Larry and I wanted to take them to eat at Cracker Barrel. So we all went and ate then headed back to their house to do Christmas! My grandparents live in Haw River, NC-about 40 minutes from my parent's house.

These are my mom's parents-she took the picture so she wasn't able to be in it...

My grandparents are so Godly. They have prayed for me everyday since I was born. They are such an encouragement to me and have always been there for me during the rough times. I love them so much and really enjoyed getting to see them today. They mean the world to me and they're precious. They have been married for 63 years!!

We bought my Grandma a Nintendo DS-she loves to play Tetris. She had a Gameboy for the longest time and it died so now she's stylin' with her DS!

I have managed to come down with an EXTREMELY nasty cold. I haven't had anything like this since before I was married. I've had it since Sunday and let me tell you, it's getting a little old. Each day it keeps getting worse and worse. I haven't been able to enjoy my food -I can't taste a SINGLE thing and that's killing me although the appetite hasn't really been there. I'm thinking I just need rest but no time for that until tomorrow night...

Something I will never say again: "I never get sick!"

Excuse me... I need to go blow my nose for the 100th time.


Amber Medlin said...

I couldn't imagine living that far away from my family!!! At least you have Kenneth, right! Ha :) And sorry to dissapoint you but get in line for Granny's quilts!!! She is getting quite the earful about the quilts!!!